Hawaii Destination and Travel


Which airport should I arrive in?

We recommend using one of the travel planning websites such as Kayak, Expedia or Orbitz to search for your flights and also visiting Hawaiian Airlines and Go Airlines (local airline).  Hawaiian Airlines has recently opened up more flight options from the U.S./Canada mainland, Asia and South Pacific.  The airport you will fly into will be Lihue Airport (LIH).  Lihue Airport is only about a 10-15 minute drive to the Hilton Garden Inn Resort.  There are direct flights from several mainland U.S. cities, however a majority of the flights arriving into Lihue Airport will first fly through either Honolulu Airport (Code: HNL) located on the Island of Oahu or the Maui (Kahului) Airport (Code: OGG) located on the Island of Maui.

You can also schedule your arrival flight to fly into any of the other Hawaiian Islands such as Honolulu on Oahu, Kahului on Maui, or Hilo or Kona airports on the Big Island.  Several flights are offered daily between the islands with Hawaiian Airlines.

How do I arrive/depart from the Hilton Garden Inn Resort?

Transportation to and from Hilton Garden Inn Resort is not included in the cost for the Yoga Teacher Trainings and students attending shall make arrangements for their own transport to their accommodations.  Hilton Garden Inn Resort does not have a shuttle to/from the airport at this location.  The best way to get to the resort or your accommodations is by Taxi.  The taxi ride to the resort is approximately 10-15 minutes and the cost is approximately $20 ($US).  Uber does exist on island for local transportation, however they are not allowed to pickup at the airport.






What accommodations are available in the area?

You have the choice to stay On-Site or Off-Site for this training and Peak Beings is here to assist you in finding accommodations near the training location or at the resort.  We have a block of rooms reserved at the Hilton Garden Inn Resort at a discounted rate if you would like to stay on-site.  The resort is reserving both Single and Double Occupancy rooms for the training.  If you are interested in staying at the resort, we will connect you with the resort to secure your reservation and Peak Beings will also be helping you throughout this process.  If you are choosing the Double Occupancy option and are coming by yourself, we will be helping the resort to assign a roommate that is also attending the training.  We will not be assigning mixed roommates, so if you are a female you would Not be assigned with a male roommate.  (Note: We cannot guarantee availability for the Double Occupancy, but we will be in constant communication with you to inform you of what is available.  The earlier you register the better chance you will have for the Double Occupancy option)

If you are looking to stay Off-Site there are many affordable options located near the training and we will help you to find a place that you can retreat to when you are not in class.  If you want to share accommodations with other students from the training, we have created a Facebook Group Page and Email Communication List so you can coordinate with other students wanting to share accommodations.  Peak Beings also attempts to find homes and other locations close to the training to help make your stay as affordable and comfortable as possible.  Upon registration we will connect you with other students looking to share accommodations.  The earlier you register, the more time you will have to explore options for accommodations.  There is a wide range of options in the area.  Everything from camping to nice apartment/condo rentals or staying at the Hilton Inn Resort.

  • Apartment/Condo Rentals: We recommend doing some searching on AirbnbYou can get an idea of what is available (enter “Kapaa, Kauai County, HI” into the search bar).  For cost estimating purposes, we have found rooms/apartments/homes for rent you could share with other students from the training with 2-3 bedrooms where you would pay approximately $50 to $75 per person per night for the 24 nights of the training ($1,250 to $1,800 total).   As you are responsible for transportation to/from the training, please note the Hilton Garden Resort’s address to determine how far your accommodations would be from the training – 3-5920 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa, HI 96746 so that you are not having to travel too far to get to the training throughout the day.  You can communicate this address with the host when you find a place you are interested in.  There are several options for transportation.  You can rent or buy a bicycle, rent a car on your own or share a rental car with other students from the training to minimize costs or use a taxi or other ride sharing options like Uber.
  • Hilton Garden Resort: The discounted 24 Night rates at the Hilton Garden Resort for Double Occupancy (two queen beds) is $138 per person per night and for Single Occupancy (one king/queen bed) is $275 per night per room.  These prices include an arrival Aloha Shell Lei greeting; Mai Tai or soft drink each evening (max 2 per day/rm); Hawaiian cultural sunrise ceremony (3 days wkly); 2 hr Ke Ala Hele Makalae bike ride (2 per stay); cooler & beach mat usage.  To see the rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn Resort, you can visit their website here – Hilton Garden Resort Rooms.  If you are coming with your partner or a friend, there is no additional charge for them to stay with you in the Single Occupancy option.  For the Double Occupancy option, we will work with the Resort to coordinate a fellow student from the training to share the room with you if you choose to stay at on-site.



Do you have a list of recommended things to bring?

It is recommended to travel light and remember that you are traveling to a tropical area.  Yoga mats are not provided at the training so please bring your own yoga mat or you can purchase one in one of the nearby towns.  Yoga blocks and straps will be provided by Peak Beings.  If you want to bring any other props you like to practice with please feel free to bring them.  Other items that we recommend to bring during your trip are: flashlight (essential), yoga clothes, water bottle, sandals/water shoes/comfortable walking shoes, short-sleeve shirts (cotton or light synthetic), light fleece/sweatshirt (it can get chilly at night), pants (cotton or light synthetic), shorts, socks (1-2 pairs), undergarments, swimsuits, light raincoat or small umbrella, hat/bandana, notebook/pen, sunscreen, binoculars, back/daypack, camera, toiletries. We promote natural clothing items (cotton), but synthetic clothing does dry better in the humid environments. Teacher Trainees bring a notebook or journal and if possible an ipod or mp3 player and associated chargers/batteries if you would like to use music during your class. Ipads, iphones, and other tablets are not allowed in Teacher Training classes for note taking. Note: All participants are required to wear a shirt or tank top during all the training classes.

Do I need to bring cash

The Hilton Garden Inn Resort accepts all major credit cards for any miscellaneous purchases or additional meals you would like to purchase.  The town is also nearby so you can always easily access a cash machine (ATM) or go to a local bank.



What is included in the Breakfast that is included in the training?

The Kauai Yoga Teacher Training includes breakfast every morning after the morning yoga class.  The typical breakfast will consist of Fresh seasonal berries and bananas, yogurt, granola, and assorted flavored oatmeal.  There is also Kauai Blend coffee, herbal tea, and chilled guava juice.  All food is prepared and served with the spirit of Aloha.

Are there restaurants/cafes or grocery stores nearby?

The Resort is located approximately 1 mile (1.5 km) from a market and several restaurants and the town of Kapaa is approximately 2 miles (3 km) away where there are a wide variety of stores, cafes, juice bars and restaurants.  There is also delivery service available from many of the restaurants if you are limited on transportation.



What amenities are available at the Resort?

You will love this property.  The Resort has 2 amazing pools, whirlpool and fitness center.  It is also located directly adjacent to Lydgate Beach Park where you can swim along the beach or in the tide pool which protects you from waves.

Is there internet/phone access at the Lodges?

Yes, there is both internet and phone service available throughout the hotel and there is a business area where you can sit and use the computers and printers.

Is there laundry available?

Yes, there are coin operated washers and dryers on the premises of the resort as well as a laundry service if you prefer to have your clothes washed and dried for you.  The cost for the laundry service varies depending on the amount of clothes.



What tours and activities are available?

The Resort has 2 amazing pools, whirlpool and fitness center as well as a swimming beach and tide pool just a couple minutes walk from the group practice space.  There are an infinite list of activities and things to do in your free time during the training.  You will have 2-3 days where you will have a majority of the day off to go on day trips to all the amazing locations on the island.  There are plenty of water activities including stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, sailing, sight seeing tours, whale watches (January and February), and surfing.  You can also rent a bike and explore different areas, go ziplining, tubing or hiking some of the most amazing trails in the world that will lead you to waterfalls, canyons and breathtaking coastal views.  Kauai has been the most protected Island in Hawaii so you can see it in it’s true beauty.

What other wellness activities are available?

There are many spas within the area where you can receive a variety of treatments from massages to other healthy treatments.

What are the options for transportation in the area?

You can utilize taxis in the area as well as ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, however there are a limited number of drivers in the area so it is good to plan a little extra time to have a driver pick you up.  You can also rent a car from the airport or other local car rental agencies.  Biking is an option as well.  You can rent a bike in the area or other students have ordered bikes online and had them shipped there and then assembled them for use during the training.  This is likely the cheapest option if you plan to use a bike as a main means of transportation during the training.



What is the weather like in Hawaii?

Hawaii’s weather is very tropical, located 18 degrees north of the equator and hours of daylight do not change much throughout the year. Sunrise is anywhere from 5:40 am to 7:00 am and sunset is anywhere from 5:40 pm to 7:00 pm, depending on the season. Daylight Savings Time is not observed, so it is important to check the local time when you arrive or are departing. Hawaii, being in the tropics, has very consistent temperatures (at sea level). Hawaii has two seasons: the Summer season is from May to October and the “Winter” season is from November to April. Summer time highs average 85 degrees F, while winter month highs average 78 degrees F. Summer and Winter are both beautiful times to visit Hawaii. The warmest months are August and September. The location where the training is in Kauai enjoys Hawaii’s ideal climate: light ocean breezes, sunny days, pleasant year-round temperatures (65-85°F) and occasional tropical showers that provide a cooling and nourishing change to the beautiful warm weather.  Kauai has many microclimates within the island and in one day you can go from the tropical rainforest to desert like conditions.  The location where we have chosen to have the training (Kapaa area) enjoys pleasant temperatures and minimal rain year round.



What are the yoga facilities?

The main yoga space will be an outdoor covered deck area.  There will also be times when we may utilize some of the various indoor group spaces that the resort offers.

What equipment is available?

Yoga mats are Not provided for the training so we recommend bringing your own or planning on purchasing one at one of the local stores when you arrive so you are able to use it for the first class.  Peak Beings will be providing blocks and straps for use during the training.  If there are other particular props that you like to use during your practice, please feel free to bring them.



Is theft a problem?

The resort is very safe as well as the surrounding area.  At the resort there is 24 hour security as well.   Theft has never been a problem at any of the resorts or beaches, but like any tourist area we do recommend that you are mindful of your belongings in public and at the beach and try to avoid leaving any valuable items out in the open.


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