Take a look at one of our Testimonial Videos of Past Students when they were asked “Can you Think of One Word or Phrase that Describes the Peak Beings – Unified Yoga Teacher Trainings?”.  You can find more Unified Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials on our Peak Beings Yoga – YouTube Channel as well as many written Testimonials below this video.  Please Contact Us with any questions.


  • I now feel very comfortable in giving people instruction and assists. I also feel like I can effectively structure a class. The training also touched on many different components of yoga (not just the physical asanas), which I really appreciated. It enabled me to find out which aspects of yoga I am passionate about, and that I will hopefully go on to teach.

    Susanne Rencken - San Francisco, California
  • My yoga training through peak beings was truly amazing. From booking my trip to answering any question or issue I had Troy was extremely helpful, caring and easy to talk to. The yoga training itself was one of a kind. Practicing yoga, breathing the freshest air in the world and learning so much was one of the best experiences of my life.

    Ginny Lang - Toronto, Canada
  • Emphasis on safety, alignment, and comfort.  A really special, extended amount of time to reflect and focus on personal development.  It was a really fantastic, incredible, unique month. I really treasured every day and all the people I met by being in the program.

    Kona Shen - San Francisco, California
  • I had such a great time with my teacher training with Peak Beings. Troy is extremely knowledgeable, funny, and helps ease the first class jitters. I would love to take another training by him. I definitely recommend Peak Beings! You won't regret it. The experience changed my life! :)

    Mary Kate McFarland - Santa Barbara, California
  • The variety of experience's provided by Peak Beings was extraordinary, and really sets them apart from other trainings.

    Jody Bennet - Toronto, Canada
  • Troy is an amazing teacher. He teaches with an open mind, and he has his students' best interest at heart. His lessons will stay with me forever!

    Lisa Dekeuster - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Peak Beings was the most transforming and unique experience of my life so far. Rarely have I seen an individual who cares so much about what he does and who he teaches than Troy. This program is a gift for anyone looking to further and deepen their yogic selves.

    Paul Ridgway - Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Truthfully grateful. I felt like this was a good first time yoga teacher training, a place to learn some basics of what it takes to be a yoga teacher. Especially if you are unsure of what type of yoga you want to teach. This training definitely gives you the flexibility to create your own type of practice and style of teaching. The unified yoga experience gives you freedom to really explore what yoga is to you, along with tools to help you do so. Overall, this training really helped me to expand my personal practice, which was my primary motivation for going.

    Lauren Dunn - Missoula, Montana
  • Peak Beings changed my life! I expected this experience to give me the skills necessary to be a good yoga teacher- but I left with so much more. The facilitator was direct, knowledgeable, humble, caring, intentional and relaxed. His humor lightened our spirits and created a safe space for our group. Our morning yoga practice was a wonderful blend of strength, sweat, meditation, breath and awareness.

    Through exposure to different yoga practices including yin, vinyassa, tai chi, anusara and others, I feel better equipped to teach people from all different yoga backgrounds and experiences. This journey not only left me equipped to teach yoga, it gave me confidence and a higher sense of purpose. After taking the Peak Beings Yoga Teacher training, I move through my day with greater consciousness and am incorporating yoga into my life on a deeper level. I feel motivated and inspired. I feel awesome!

    Tara Hostnik - Sequoia National Park, California
  • Troy is one of the best down to earth yoga teachers I have encountered.

    Henriette Higgins - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Troy was an amazing teacher. It is a great foundation for anyone interested in yoga. I left feeling confident to teach and inspired to continue my education in yoga! I do wish we spent some more time learning about the business of yoga (how to market yourself, get a job at a studio, etc). Overall, working with Troy changed my life and I am so thankful for the experience :)

    Shivani Kay - New York, USA
  • "I cannot go on enough about how wonderful the teacher training with Peak Beings was!!!! I had recently (a month prior) been certified in Hot Yoga and at the end of it felt so hungry for more... I felt unbalanced and that I hadn't received the "full experience" so to say. I did a little research, and after talking to Troy, decided to do an additional training with Peak Beings. This program was the perfect balance between body, mind, and spirit knowledge and Troy's approach is truly universal. I am so grateful for the experience I had there and have been able to move forward with my yoga teaching due to the exceptional training I received. I would recommend this program to anyone."

    Amber Hanson - Santa Barbara, CA
  • Peak Beings opened my heart & changed my life!! This teacher training was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life! The thoughtful, challenging and unique structure allowed for endless learning and improving my practice in a way I never thought possible. Hawaii is a magical place and the perfect environment to immerse yourself in yoga. My journey was filled with so many laughs, a few happy tears and lifelong bonds that I will cherish forever. I made a new family. Peak Beings brought out the best in me and prepared me to be an awesome teacher. I am so grateful. Namaste

    Rachael Roberto - Los Angeles, CA - USA
  • An amazing and transformational yoga teacher training. This teacher training is absolutely amazing! Great location, delicious food, small class size, and most importantly knowledegable and friendly teachers! A dream come true!

    Christyn Parker - Cleveland, OH
  • I highly recommend Peak Beings yoga teacher training. I learned a ton from Troy and had a great time. The lessons created a strong foundation in yoga, but also gave us a lot of freedom to develop our own yoga styles and personalities, which was awesome.

    David Nunn - Portland, OR
  • This program I one of a kind. It was held at one of the most magnificent and inspiring retreat centers in the world. The integration of Hawaiian culture and the study and practice of the yogic traditions complement each other in a way that one could only dream of. Peak beings will prepare you to realize your strengths and individuality as a new teacher. With so many styles and practices of yoga out there, this program will help guide one to find their own style in an organic way.

    Timothy Schirmang - Cape Cod, MA
  • AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! This training is seriously the best! It's a very well-rounded program taught by a very knowledgeable, awesome teacher!

    Erin Chlumsky - Boulder, CO
  • I obtained my 200 RYT through Peak Beings when training was still held in Costa Rica. The training was more than I could have imagined. I prepared for the physical journey but did not expect the mental and spiritual experience that I left with. Troy is a truly gifted and wonderful instructor. I highly recommend Peak Beings.

    Kiersten Young - Baltimore, MD
  • Being a reluctant yogi, I was not sure what to expect. Being on the "edge of the world" on the Big Island - I knew I had that going for me. The combination turned out to be a blessing. The group as a whole, was truly "unified" and Troy and his assistant Krista, were the perfect space holders. For me, it was the perfect balance of structure, discipline and freedom to improvise and listen to what my body needs.

    Veruschka Normandeau - Pahoa, HI