GENERAL Yoga Teacher Trainings


What is the style of Yoga?

The style or method of our yoga teacher trainings is called Unified Yoga, which is a Registered Style with the Yoga Alliance.  The Unified Yoga Teacher Training™ involves a unique blend of many different styles (Hatha, Power, Ashtanga, Hot, Yin, etc.).  Unified Yoga is less of a ‘yoga style’ and more of a ‘style of teaching yoga’.  Peak Beings believes that what the yoga world needs is knowledgeable yoga teachers more than another new yoga style.  The focus of the Unified Yoga Teacher Training™ is to develop yoga teachers who are knowledgeable, safe, open minded, compassionate and able to help any student develop a yoga practice that works for them.  In this non-authoritarian teaching method, each student is given the space and freedom to honor their own body, mind and spirit and find comfort in being who they are.  As human beings and teachers we arrive on our yoga mat with different life experiences physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The Unified Yoga Teacher Training™ honors and celebrates each student as they are, trusting their intelligence and allowing them the time and space to find the balance, strength, grace, peace or whatever it is they are looking for in their practice that day.

The setting of the “practice teaching” for the training is in a vinyasa flow style, but a variety of different styles (Power, Hot, Yin, Ashtanga, etc.) are taught in the morning practice to expose students to styles they may not have tried before.  The goal of the training is to learn the tools to teach and then the teacher can utilize those tools to teach in the style that they want and focus on what they want to focus on depending on the students who come to their class.  Unified Yoga is the unifying of as many styles of yoga as the teacher wants and learning to adapt them as you like and see fit for your students.  The Unified Yoga Teacher Training™ allows every teacher to draw from their own yoga experience in different styles they have practiced and create their classes as they want to or as their students need.  Peak Beings values the experience that the practitioners already have before attending the training and wants to build on that experience and knowledge.  You will have all the tools you will need as a teacher to design and guide a yoga class safely in any style you like…and we truly encourage you to start to create your own unique style.  You can check out the details of our  Curriculum here – 200 Hour Unified Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

Are there any required texts for the training?

There are no required readings or texts to buy for the training.  Peak Beings does not want students to have the additional expenses of going out and buying books prior to the training.  We feel the 250+ page manual explores yoga in such a vast way and allows the teacher to have a solid foundation in all the aspects of yoga.  If you are looking to purchase any books prior to the training we recommend “Light on Life” by B.K.S. Iyengar or “Yoga Beyond Belief” by Ganga White.  The training explores many of the “off the mat” topics such as history, philosophy, yoga sutras, self-exploration, etc. and these books are good to have some insight into other aspects of yoga that may not be covered in a typical yoga class.  B.K.S. Iyengar’s book will give you a very direct and relatively “dense” view on things like this (but is a harder read) and Ganga White’s book is a lighter read with a lighter feel and more of his personal insight.