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Join us for one of our 200 Hour or 300 Hour Unified Yoga Teacher Trainings Online or In-Person at some of the most breathtaking and energetically charged places on the planet. Our Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali, Costa Rica, Thailand and Hawaii will give you the opportunity to learn from highly experienced teachers as well as treat yourself to an experience of a lifetime exploring these amazing locations.  You will have an unforgettable and life changing experience immersing yourself in the culture and nature surrounding you and giving yourself time to deepen your practice and continue your transformation through yoga.  We are currently offering Online Yoga Teacher Trainings every month in 2024 and these trainings are also Yoga Alliance Certified.  Please Contact Us with any questions.  



We have traveled the globe in search of the perfect locations to host our Unified Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Retreats.  We have discovered our favorite locations in Bali, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil and we are so excited to take you to these places and dive into your yoga practice.  We believe that in order to truly go within and increase your awareness of self and to learn to understand what makes you who you are, you have to get out of your comfort zone and regular life and open your eyes and mind to all that the world and yoga has to offer.  We will not only open your eyes to new places on this planet, but we will open your eyes to new places and spaces within yourself.  Our passion and goal is to create and hold a space for you so you can truly learn and develop and grow your yoga practice on all levels.  We wait for you with open hearts and wherever our paths cross we are looking forward to it!  Namaste



Here is a quick Testimonial Video to hear what some of our students are saying about the Unified Yoga Teacher Trainings. You can also check out more Testimonials on our Testimonials Page.




Our once in a lifetime 200 Hour Bali and Thailand Yoga Teacher Trainings will give you a true experience of the amazing nature and culture in these amazing island locations.  You will have an unforgettable experience and life changing spiritual journey all while diving into your yoga practice and your Self.

Our Bali and Thailand Yoga Teacher Trainings are certified through the Yoga Alliance and exceed the Yoga Alliance Standards.  You will leave this Training with newly acquired confidence in yourself and your teaching.  Upon completion of the training you will receive a certificate qualifying you to be a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  The training is primarily a Vinyasa Style training, but we will also cover a variety of other styles throughout the training including Yin, Power, Restorative, Hot, Iyengar, etc.  For more details regarding the style of yoga please visit our FAQ Page.

Whether you are looking to share your passion for yoga through teaching or just want to dive into your yoga practice and learn more about topics that are not covered in regular yoga classes, we strive to create an environment for all levels and all interests. We will cover the details of asanas (postures) as well as dive into the other amazing things Yoga has to offer like philosophy, self development, meditation, anatomy, etc. The experiences you will encounter during this training will also give you the chance to learn how to fully unify the different layers (koshas) of yourself and others. Certification through our Unified Yoga Teacher Training will allow you to evolve your Yoga Practice and teaching as you change and as yoga styles continue to develop.


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Unified Yoga Teacher Training ®

Yoga Training Anatomy

The Unified Yoga Teacher Training is unique in that it is less of a ‘yoga style’ and more of a ‘style of teaching yoga’.  Our Unified Yoga Teacher Training offers a unique blend of many different styles (Hatha, Power, Ashtanga, Hot, Yin, etc.).  Peak Beings believes that what the yoga world needs is knowledgeable yoga teachers more than another new yoga style.  The focus of the Unified Yoga Teacher Training is to develop yoga teachers who are knowledgeable, safe, open minded, compassionate and able to help any student develop a yoga practice that works for them.  In this non-authoritarian teaching style, each student is given the space and freedom to honor their own body, mind and spirit and find comfort in being who they are.  As human beings and teachers we arrive on our yoga mat with different life experiences physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Unified Yoga honors and celebrates each student as they are, trusting their intelligence and allowing them the time and space to find the balance, strength, grace, peace or whatever it is they are looking for in their practice that day.

The setting of the “practice teaching” for the training is in a vinyasa flow style, but a variety of different styles (Power, Hot, Yin, Ashtanga, etc.) are taught in the morning practice to expose students to styles they may not have tried before.  The goal of the training is to learn the tools to teach and then the teacher can utilize those tools to teach in the style that they want and focus on what they want to focus on depending on the students who come to their class.  The Unified Yoga Teacher Training unifies as many styles of yoga as the teacher wants and learns to adapt them as you like and see fit for your students.  The Unified Yoga Teacher Training™ allows every teacher to draw from their own yoga experience in different styles they have practiced and create their classes as they want to or as their students need.  Peak Beings values the experience that the practitioners already have before attending the training and wants to build on that experience and knowledge.  You will have all the tools you will need as a teacher to design and guide a yoga class safely in any style you like…and we truly encourage you to start to create your own unique style.  You can check out the details of our  Curriculum here – 200 Hour Unified Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

Yoga teacher Training Bali



A sample daily schedule for our Bali and Thailand Yoga Teacher Trainings is provided below to give you an idea of the program hours Monday through Saturday.  On Sunday you will only have the Morning Yoga Practice and then you will have the rest of the day off to enjoy the beach, surf, relax and do many of the other activities in the area.

  • 6:30 to 8:30 am – Morning Yoga Practice
  • 8:30 to 10:00 am – Breakfast (included) and Break
  • 10:00 am to 1:30 pm – Morning/Afternoon Session
  • 1:30 to 2:30 pm – Lunch and Free Time
  • 5:00 to 7:30 pm – Evening Session
  • 7:30 to 8:30 pm – Dinner and Evening Off



Confirm your Accommodation Type and Space in the Training by clicking the Register Here button below.  You will be redirected to our secure payment processor where you can make the $250 Deposit Payment with any Credit Card or Paypal account.  The $250 Deposit is deducted from the Total Prices indicated above.  Payment plans are available.  50% Payment is due 60 days prior to the start of the training and Full Payment is due 30 days prior to the start of the training.  $250 deposits are non-refundable, but may be be transferred to another  training or retreat.



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Welcome to Bali Yoga Peak Beings

Side Lunge Yoga Pose in BaliBali Yoga Meditation

Yoga Pose Childs pose
Welcome to Peak Beings! Join us on one of our 200 Hour or 300 Hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training at some of the most luxurious locations on the Island of the Gods.  We offer affordable trainings while still maintaining a high level of accommodation during your stay.  Our 25 Day Bali Yoga Teacher Trainings are immersion programs designed to help you to develop into a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher that will be able to work with any student on any level.  We will be visiting Ubud, Canggu and other amazing locations during your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.  All of our trainings are Yoga Alliance Certified and at the completion of your training you will be qualified to be a Registered Yoga Teacher.  We have graduated hundreds of students from our Unified Yoga Teacher Trainings and we hope that you join this group of amazing teachers that are out there in the world changing people’s lives the way that yoga has changed yours.  You will leave this training feeling confident in yourself as a teacher as well as have a better understanding yourself.  Our goal is to open your eyes to all that yoga has to offer and create a solid foundation for your own personal practice as well as to help others.  You will have an unforgettable and life changing experience all while enjoying the amazing nature surrounding you and giving yourself time to go within and transform your Self and your yoga practice.  The Island of the Gods has an amazing spiritual energy and our Bali Yoga Teacher Training will awaken this energy within you! Spend 25 Days with other like minded and yoga loving individuals that have also chosen to take the step toward transformation and learn to teach yoga.  You will be so glad you did! Namaste!