I Have To Check With My Board

You hear people say “Is what I’m doing serving the greater good of this company, group, family, etc.?” It’s hard to know if what we’re doing is for the greater good. However, if we turn that statement around and ask, “is what I am doing currently for the highest good of this being, myself?” We might find greater clarity. When we shift our perspective on the problem from one concerning an outside problem to an interior one, we discover new approaches and insights.

Sometimes we hear leaders, managers, say, “I have to check with my board on that one.” Well, what if we take this same approach for ourselves? When confronted with a personal decision, say to yourself, “I have to check with my board.” Take a step back, try to view the dilemma from an outsider’s perspective.  It may even help to write the problem down and take a short walk, before tackling it. You can call this being in the witness or whatever you want, but it is like taking a different view of yourself.  Kind of like going to a best friend and asking ‘what should I do?’, but the best friend is you.

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