Light a Match

Life may seem like the hardest match to light. Days of darkness can lead to so much light. Pausing to see the light. Pausing to see the possibility of light. Strike a match. That is all you have to do. It doesn’t have to burn bright. It doesn’t have to be the light that burns for life….but it can be the light that burns for the moment….and goes out.

We have all lit matches…. whether to start a fire for warmth or to light a bigger fire. There is something in the effort that it takes to light a match. You have given the effort. There is light. That is what matters. Sitting at a computer and typing….there is an effort to light a match. You pause. You think about whether what you are writing has meaning. Whether any one is listening to what you are writing. Does it matter what you are writing? Any writer has had the same thoughts or contemplations. What matters is not what others think…… what matters in the end is the writer and the writing. What is read… what is read. So write what you write…. let the reader read what is read. Whatever you have written is a match. If you can gain anything from this…….write….because you don’t know what will be read.

Life twists. Life turns. Busy is busy. Projects are projects. Difficult times are difficult. You will still be You. Close your eyes. Pause. Speak your Truth. Be you. Exhale and say what You Feel. Understand what Others are Feeling. Know that We are ALL fighting the Good Fight. Know that we are ALL trying to light a match. Light the match that Matters.

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