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Just Sweat and Tears

I started with an intention of Be Your Own Best Friend. What would one of your own best friends tell you right now? Standing in tadasana, my hands wanted to make a mudra. My mind and fingers went from a … Continue reading

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I Have To Check With My Board

You hear people say “Is what I’m doing serving the greater good of this company, group, family, etc.?” It’s hard to know if what we’re doing is for the greater good. However, if we turn that statement around and ask, … Continue reading

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Life is Happening: Impermanence & Non-Attachment

As a practice and observance of impermanence, Tibetan Buddhists have a tradition where they spend days and weeks creating an intricate mandala using colored sand. They are impeccable in their beauty, each part is constructed with care and mindfulness. Each … Continue reading

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Light a Match

Life may seem like the hardest match to light. Days of darkness can lead to so much light. Pausing to see the light. Pausing to see the possibility of light. Strike a match. That is all you have to do. … Continue reading

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Mexico Yoga Retreat

November 2018

7 Day Yoga Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico exploring Yin & Yang practices as well as diving into your Self.

Hawaii Yoga Teacher Training

January/February 2019

Yoga Alliance approved 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Island of Kauai.

Bali – Yoga Teacher Training

April 2019

This Yoga Alliance approved 200 Hour YIN Yoga Teacher Training will take place in Bali, Indonesia.


I now feel very comfortable in giving people instruction and assists. I also feel like I can effectively structure a class. The training also touched on many different components of yoga (not just the physical asanas), which I really appreciated. ...

Susanne Rencken - San Francisco, California

My yoga training through peak beings was truly amazing. From booking my trip to answering any question or issue I had Troy was extremely helpful, caring and easy to talk to. The yoga training itself was one of a kind. Practicing yoga, breathing th...

Ginny Lang - Toronto, Canada